Snowbound and Bound


This picture is about a month old.

There’s even more snow on it now, and more to come — I oddly hope. There’s a big chunk of ice on top of Clark; I need to get up there and sweep it off. The roof is bowing.

The trouble is that I’m not usually there except it’s dark outside. Dark in the morning, dark in the evening.  I spend my days on the mountain and it’s cold. It’s been cold inside, too, and condensation beads on the ceiling sometimes, especially when the temperature dips below 10 degrees.

Nachos. Really.

Nachos. Really.

I’ve come to a deal with winter: it wins. The alternative is to shovel, clean up, work, cover up, each time I want to spend a day on construction. Each time you cover up, you have to do it like you won’t be back, in case it blows and snows or rains. Given that the days are short of light and I am short of days, we will delay further nailing and sawing and raising until the spring comes and I can shovel once and be done.

We’ll contend with blackflies and mud and other lovely things, but at least we’ll be able to get to the platform. Thanks to the other Nickel, I can send all the small pennies I earn at the mountain into the construction account and hopefully when we recommence, we won’t outrun our financing.

So nothing has changed, so this blog is pretty quiet. That should continue for the near future, though any important updates will be noted when they go with the place.  Little things like this:

We might need to rename the site “A Dime.”  We got engaged over the new year.


We had a quick sup and relaxed as the sun went down. We started up the hill around 9:30 and came down in the New Year.  A new calendar will count the new weave on the warp.


The next morning on my first run, I skied down the trail we walked and found our tracks coming down. I was able to get back up, grab my camera and snag this shot before they were all skied over. A very happy new year’s eve.

See you soon. Don’t forget to check in at A Skier And A Sled from time to time.

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